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For Kiara Nelson, becoming a singer has always been the only plan. She feels a strong urge to penetrate the world with her music and personality. She wants to get in touch not only with her generation but create music that everyone can relate to.

Her songs fit into the here and now so well – it's like we’ve been waiting for them. With her soft yet pervading voice, urban pop, and the most modern tunes, she sings about the great emotions. About love and disappointment, romantic relationships, and toxic friendships.

Kiara's songs don't exclusively draw you into melancholic worlds. In fact, they send empowering vibes that say: Dare to love! Dare to see the truth! Be confident, you deserve it!

Catchy melodies, the often times leading acoustic guitar, always danceable beats that move you. All of it exclusively produced by the German-British duo Matt and Frank (M-22). Since this year, she is signed with Sony as a newcomer.

Kiara is half American, half Finnish. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up in Finland surrounded by women; with her mother, grandmother, and her aunts. She has a lot of respect and admiration for what they have experienced and accomplished, Kiara says. Her personal „army of women“.

All of them are role models to her, and they have her back. Of course, her mother and grandmother flew in, to personally witness Kiara's signing in Berlin. Kiara aims to be a strong, independent woman just like them.

As a little girl, she loved singing Astrid Lindgren songs, Pippi Langstrumpf – a cheeky, creative, strong girl. The interesting thing is that every extroverted character also contains a certain deepness and suffering within themselves, possibly the key to them finding their own strength.

Kiara isn’t necessarily loud, above all, she is determined. Anyone that takes a closer look at her path leading up to Sony, will discover just that. At just 22 years old, she says she always knew exactly what she wanted. To be on stage!

After singing with birds together with her grandmother before she could even speak, she got a karaoke machine when she was five. She discovered Britney Spears, and from then on, little Kiara sang and danced in her room as if her life depended on it. And in a way, it did.

This continued through schooltime. Until the moment when she suddenly lost all her courage. After a messed up performance she suddenly developed an excruciating case of stage fright, she recalls. For two years she could barely make a sound. But deep down she still knew: I will become a singer!

At home, she proceeded to recorded herself singing and dancing. Generation self-portrayal. Kiara grew up with it, and was always encouraged to practice visual self-reflection. She - who only a few years later would suddenly perform with Justin Bieber on stage, in front of thousands of people, as if she had never done anything else.

She had only recently regained her courage, when at 17, she decided to fully pursue her one-way plan. It was her mother who dragged her to karaoke bars on the weekends, in order for her to overcome her nemesis, stage fright. And she did.

Today, all that no longer holds her back. It seems like nobody can. She doesn't want to be a Disney princess, who has to fit the mold. Kiara is upright, independent, and self-confident, and at the same time incredibly approachable, down to earth and humble. Young, strong, and talented. She wants to fire back whenever necessary, and doesn’t want to apologize for who she is. Kiara seems armed for what’s to come.

Her biggest wish? To help others with her music. To tell people through her music that it's okay to not feel okay. Because after all, and this she knows very well: everybody has fears and feels small at times. Kiara is a girl with the just right blend of modesty and power, to permanently establish herself in the world (of music).